Monday, 29 January 2018

IPPIS Data Capture & Verification Filling of Forms Issues Fix

IPPIS Data Capture & Verification Filling of Forms Issues Fix

IPPIS Data Capture & Verification Filling of Forms Issues Fix.

IPPIS Data Capture and Verification portal has been having serious "lazy-loads" and so many candidates have sent us series of complaints ranging from 

IPPIS problems filling forms online
Errors Encountered while filling of forms
Slow IPPIS portal connectivity
Problems of DnD (Do not Disturb) on applicants mobile phones.
IPPIS Login capture not displaying properly
IPPIS Verification Portal not Loading correctly,
IPPIS Official support call lines not connecting.

IPPIS Verification Portal has since been experiencing same issues and Applicants suffer it more due to short time of information reaching them on the 2018 IPPIS Data Capture and Verification Exercise. As at this publication, most applicants are currently in NYSC Camp for training thereby making it very difficult for them to get their registration done and completed correctly.

What can be done?
Applicants are hereby advised to visit the IPPIS Data Capture and Verification Portal immediately probably lately in the evening or early in the morning in order to get their registrations carried out to some points. The reason I recommend this time for applicants is because of the loads of traffic on the IPPIS portal during the day time. So definitely, by the recommended time, candidates can as well get a better network to register themselves.

How to Register on IPPIS Data Capture and Verification Portal.
1. Go to IPPIS Data Capture and Verification Portal at

2. Provide your IPPIS Number in the Space provided

3. Enter your IPPIS Token. In case you do not have or have lost your Token, Click on "Get Token" then Enter your IPPIS Number, a working email address and then your phone number in this format (080******66)

4. Click Login and then select your MDA to proceed your appliation.

5. Complete the forms as you follow the steps and requirements on the portal.

In case you are still having issues filling the IPPIS Data Capture and Verification form, you can contact "Brown James - My Education Nigeria ADMIN" to help you out. Well, you'll be required to pay little token for this process to be carried out. 

What you we need to complete your form:
  1. Your IPPIS Details
  2. Your WhatsApp number in order to convey a private chat of all requirements as the registration will be done here.

You can reach Brown James on 08166573666 (WhatsApp + Calls + Text only). 

If you still have anything to ask, complaints, requests, please use the COMMENT BOX below. We are online throughout the period of this verification exercise to attend to all comments.


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  1. Hello Mr.Brown James, I am having same issues here just as stated above. Please I will chat you on WhatsApp now. I was successful to get my Token but later on, the Token refused to work.

    Thanks for the update

    1. You're welcome sir David. Expecting your message soon.

  2. Mrs. Dauda Patience29 January 2018 at 03:00

    Thanks so much for sharing this post.

  3. Hi Admin the portal is not connecting at all.

    1. Yes. Its having that issue for some time now.

      Maybe You'd like to chat me up for assistance?


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