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FCE Abeokuta (CEDEP) 2017/2018 Hostels Online Application, Booking & Allocation

FCE Abeokuta 2017/2018 Hostels Online Application, Booking & Allocation.

FCE Abeokuta 2017/2018 Hostels Online Application, Booking & Allocation.

The The Federal College Of Abeokuta Center For Degree Programmes In Affiliation With University Of Ibadan has commenced the Online Application, Booking and Allocation Process for Students of the Institution.

Allocation of the limited rooms in the Cedep Hostels will be based on a competitive, transparent and fair bidding process for interested students.

FCE Abeokuta (CEDEP) 2017/2018 Hostels Online Application Process involves the various stages listed below:

Stage A (Student Registration):
Before any bidding for the hostel, you are required to have been registered on this system. REGISTER HERE. Follow the steps by providing your Matriculation number (Returning Undergraduate Students) or JAMB Registration Number (Fresh students) and other details requested from you.

Stage B (Generation of Invoice):
By choosing the hostel of your choice in the list of the provided hostel(s) , an Hostel Application Invoice is generated, which contains your details and the hostel details you have chosen.

Print the Invoice and proceed to the school Directorate with the prescribed fees of the Invoice generated for payment. Payment of this Invoice is non-refundable and qualifies you for the next stage.

Note: This stage requires you to have registered and logged in. Click here to generate invoice.

Stage C (Collection of Pin):
After the payment of the invoice of Hostel Application Fee generated in step B, you would be given an HOSTEL APPLICATION PIN which is what you need to make a reservation.

However, Please do not disclose this HOSTEL APPLICATION PIN to anybody as it is highly confidential to you.

Stage D (Reservation/Booking):
After the collection of HOSTEL APPLICATION PIN, login to place a reservation for accommodation for the hostel in which you generated invoice for in STEP B by providing your HOSTEL APPLICATION PIN where required.

A room number and bunk number is automatically allocated to you subject to availability of bed-spaces for your status per time. check your DashBoard to see the room allocated to you.

NOTE: You can only make reservation for an hostel, Rooms and Bed-spaces are automatically allocated. Click here to make a reservation.

Stage E (Confirmation of Reservation):
Successful students can now proceed to confirm there reservation by checking the DashBoard. An Hostel Fee Invoice is generated when a reservation is successfully made. Print the Invoice and carry out the following steps

1. visit

2. select F.C.E, ABEOKUTA on remita account


4. generate RRR and pay the approved fee

Then proceed to the Directorate with your remita receipt and also collect another HOSTEL CONFIRMATION PIN. Go to the Dashboard and confirm your reservation by entering your HOSTEL CONFIRMATION PIN where required.

Note: This stage is required to be completed soonest, failure to do so in time makes your reservation cancelled and your application revoked. To make a fresh reservation, you will need to generate a new Hostel Application Invoice. Click here to confirm reservation.

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