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(FRSC) Vehicle Registration and Number Plates Verification Procedure

(FRSC) Vehicle Registration and Number Plates Verification Procedure FRSC Vehicle Registration and Number Plates Verification Procedure

FRSC responsibility is to design and produce vehicle number plates by virtue of Section 5(g) and Section 10 sub section 3(f) of the Federal Road Safety Commission (Establishment) Act, 2007.  After production, the number plates are handed over to the States through States Boards of Internal Revenue (SBIRs) who now sell to the public. The payment for number plates by motorists is strictly within the purview of the States since such payments are regarded as road taxes. In like manner, registration of vehicles is also the responsibility of the State Licensing Authorities.

FRSC in collaboration with SBIRs to checkmate their evil machinations. One of such processes is the development of the online Information Verification Portal (IVP) which affords applicants and vehicle owners the opportunity to verify online the genuineness of their vehicle registration and number plates.

FRSC however, collaborates with the State agencies involved to set national standards and to develop a reliable national database for all registered vehicles in Nigeria.

Why You Need To Register on FRSC Verification Portal

The essence of the Information Verification Portal is to assist the owner of the vehicle and security operatives on the status of the number plates. The idea is that when the owner of the vehicle discovers that there are issues with the registration, he should use the status or information gathered to clarify with the licensing office that handled the registration and if through a third party, confront the handlers.

FRSC Vehicle Registration and Number Plates Verification Procedure

To register a vehicle, an applicant is expected to go to the Motor Licensing Office of the State Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR) where he would be guided on the process and procedure of vehicle registration. 

Alternatively, the applicants can

  1. Apply online by visiting 
  2. Fill form MVA 01, 
  3. Submit the form
  4. An item number will be automatically generated
  5. Proceed to SBIR for necessary payment. 

The applicant will then be issued with necessary vehicle documents. These include;

  • Vehicle License, 
  • Certificate of Road Worthiness, 
  • Valid Insurance Certificate and 
  • Proof of Ownership Certificate.

After the above process,

  1. Visit and verify the number plate
  2. Text verifyplateno (Plate Number) to 33324 on your mobile phone. E.g. verifyplateno ABC000JR.
  3. Visit the FRSC Desk Officers at the SBIRs.

The verification portal provides four options when verifying number plates depending on the stage of registration as follows:

  • Number not produced but tried to be registered by any applicant will result in “Invalid Number Plate”
  • When a number is produced but not registered/ data not uploaded, this is the message you, “Number produced but not Registered”
  • When a number is produced and registered without genuine Insurance policy that is verifiable by NIIDB, the message you get is what the complainant got as “Number plate has been assigned to Lexus Jeep. However vehicle registration is yet to be completed.”
  • When a registration is fully completed with genuine Insurance Policy resulting in the printing of Proof of Ownership, message will be  “Number plate has been produced by FRSC and assigned to TOYOTA HIGHLANDER on 6/11/2013”

Issues Raised that warrants Vehicle Registration and Number Plate Verification

  • That a Plate Number belonging to a particular vehicle when verified on NVIS Platform, may show details of another vehicle.
  • That a Number Plate which has been assigned to a particular vehicle is yet to complete its registration.
  • Plate has been produced by FRSC but yet to be assigned to a vehicle.

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