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The company was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a platform that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services.

HoursCash Peer to Peer Donation Registration Portal
HoursCash Peer to Peer Donation Registration Portal

HoursCash was created with the following mission: to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping man and the environment. The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. This is the world of money. Those in the government house Enjoy the money that is maid for the populace. We setup this system to help the abandoned populace 

HoursCash Vision

We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash. Well we know with a lot of hit and run, why trust this one.... we are fully commited to ending this injustice... not just another passerby in this ever growing injustice

HoursCash Core Values

The wellbeing of the populace are our long-term lead. The commitment of our members sets us stand out from the crowd, while we develop people for the enduring liability in a real-time process.

HoursCash Aim

To provide the system and support needed to enable our members achieve our vision.

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How HoursCash Works

When you Register on HourCash, You will be auto-assign to another member generated by the system to pair with you and you have 3hours countdown timer to DONATE according to your plan ₦10000, ₦20000, ₦50000, ₦100000, ₦200000 you choose during registration then you upload your Donation payment and wait for that member to confirm your donation and the system will automatically put you on queue for 10mins to 4days then assign 2 or 3 other registered member under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount twice, into your bank account which makes it a 100% of your "DONATION" HoursCash will automatically redirect you to recycle page where you can add testimonial and also choose new plan before the end of 2hours or the system will delete and block you from our recycle list failing to donate to someone before the countdown from 2hours All donations are made directly to member bank account. Share HoursCash to people and make the world a better place.

Please note that your return on Investment will be on before 4 Days. Please be Patient. As you wait, you can use your referral link to make more money. Its actually 20% of the money donated by them. Please scan through and read more about Referral Link Invitation


HoursCash Referral System

Copy your referral link from your dashboard when you login on the site and paste it on facebook, twitter, Google, Blog. etc How can you able achieved that successful , you can comment on those social media by pasting your referral link there. each person referred to HoursCash, you will get 20% referral Bonus. System will automatic generate a member to pay your referred commission but your referral must be minimum of 8 people before another member will be assign to you pay you

What are the things you need to about Hour Cash?

• There are different packages of donation i.e., ₦10000, ₦20000, ₦50000, ₦100000, ₦200000.
• The system is easy to sign up and mobile responsive.
• Donation is paid to individual account as Generated by the system.
• On successful registration, Payer is expected to pay to the assigned Payee within 3 hours, otherwise will be deleted from the site. Payer can also request for additional time from the Payee.
• No refund of payment.
• Communication about the donation, rejection and approval is between you and the payee only.
• For referring 8 people, you’ll be rewarded with 200% of your donation.
• The payment method involves are through bank payment, transfer and cash at hand.
• In the case of cash at hand, the payee and the payer are requested to supervise the confirmation of the payer’s account/page.
• To Know all Nigeria Bank Ussd transfer transfer code then visit this link to get your bank transfer Ussd code
• All disagreements and problems will be manually handled by system administrator. Submit a support ticket to report any issues.
• Do not hold anyone responsible for your loss or gain on the platform.  


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