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Procedure to Obtain New Driver's Licence in Nigeria

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Procurement of New Driver's Licence. In order to learn more and get prepared for any of these procedures, please study the following algorithms published by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

Procurement of New Driver's Licence

How to get a New DRIVER’S LICENCE:
Step One: Applicant must obtain Learner's Permit from BIR/MLA/MVAA

Step Two: Applicant chooses Driving School from list of certified schools online

Step Three: Driving school trains applicant for 26 sessions (1 hour per day per session) and issues certificate thereto.

Step Four: Applicant uses the certificate number to call up applicant's record (name & DOB) on pre-populate form ML18N from ( and completes the remaining fields

Step Five: Applicant proceeds to the VIO for Driving Test. If successful, applicant is issued Driver's Test Certificate. Unsuccessful, applicant shall apply for another test after one calender month from the date of the previous test.

Step Six: Applicant proceeds to make payment of prescribed fee of N6,350 in the case of a driver's licence with 3 years validity or N10,450 for Driver's Licence with 5 years validity period, at designated banks (FCMB, FBN, Access, UBA, Union, Sky Bank, using PAYARENA/E-PAYMENT platform)/Netpost.

Step Seven: Applicant proceeds to BIR/MLA/MVAA for confirmation of the payment

Step Eight: Applicant proceeds to FRSC Driver's Licence center for Bio-metric enrolment (physical capture)

Step Nine: FRSC Driver's Licence Centre processes and issues a Temporary Driver's Licence with 60 days validity period to the applicant on the spot, after which an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone for the pick up of the original plastic Driver's Licence.

How to renew a DRIVER’S LICENCE: 
Step 1: Apply online at, fill in the fields of the appropriate form. Print it out upon completion. Don’t forget to print out the payment form as well!

Step 2: Pay the licence fee online or at the designated bank.

Step 3: Present your form to the Board of Internal Revenue Officer or VIO at the Driver's Licence Centre (DLC) for endorsement.

Step 4: Proceed to FRSC Officer at the DLC for Biometric Data Capturing.

Step 5: A temporary driver’s licence, valid for 60 days, will be provided to you.

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