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Free Universities In America, Mode Of Application And Location

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Free Universities in America | You’ve probably never heard of free universities or you do not believe free tuition universities as we may call it exist. That’s why i want to shock you with this article about list of tuition free Universities in the US, their location and entry application.

Free Universities In America, Mode Of Application And Location
Many will wonder how it’s possible to have free universities in this fast decaying economy but there are ways. Some of these colleges are established towards the sponsor of students who are qualify for university admission yet are unable to apply because of insufficient fund.

If you’ve always wanted to study in the US but do not have the financial capability, then this article is for you. Do not get the stigma “I won’t be respected as a student from a free university” that is trash. You and you allow can stop yourself from achieving your dreams with those thoughts. Go for it and damn people’s thoughts and ideas. Most of these people would actually jump at the slightest opportunity to study abroad yet would want to discourage you from aiming high.

Over the years, tuition fee has increased drastically in an incomprehensible rate that most individuals who would be willing to attend universities have seen this as a formidable excuse as regarding why they cannot go to college. This cannot continue, which is why for you, we have set aside the list of these universities, location and mode of entry below.

List of Free Tuition Universities and their Location in the United States
  • ALICE LIOYD COLLEGE was established in 1923 and is located at Pippa Passes in Knott County, Kentucky.
  • ANTIOCH COLLEGE was founded in 1850 and is a private liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
  • BARCLAY COLLEGE located at Haviland, Kansas was founded 1918
  • BEREA COLLEGE was established in 1855 and is located in Berea Kentucky.
  • COLLEGE OF THE OZARTS is located in Point Lookout Missouri and was founded in 1906.
  • YALE UNIVERSITY was established in 1701 and is located in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • CURTIS INSTITUTION OF MUSIC is located in Philadelphia and was founded in 1924.
  • DEEP SPRINGS COLLEGE is located in Big Pine, California.
  • WEBB INSTITUTE located in Glen Cove, New York was established in 1889
  • WILLIAMSON FREE SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL TRADE founded in 1888 is located in Media, Pennsylvania.
  • VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY was founded in 1873 and is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL (UNC) was founded in 1789 and is located at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY was founded in 1876 and is located in College Station, Texas.
  • STANFORD UNIVERSITY is located in Stanford, California and was founded in 1891.
  • PRINCETON UNIVERSITY was established in 1746 and is located in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) was founded in 1861 and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • HARVARD UNIVERSITY founded 1636 is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Mode of Application Online
Before you apply to any of these colleges, you must have a full idea of the courses offered in each of these colleges.

Then you can choose a college from the list the school that offers the course you wish to study. Once that is done, you can apply to the school’s website.
  1. Application can be carried out by login into the school website e.g.
  2. You can fill in the common, coalition and universal application along with the required supplements.
  3. The school’s question and writing supplement
  4. $75 fee waiver for Harvard $53 for Antioch college and so on for other colleges.
  5. ACT with gold or NEW SAT or OLD SAT with writing.
  6. 2 SAT or TOEFL(if you did not attend high school in the US)
  7. School report and high school transcript
  8. Teacher report
  9. Mid-year school report
  10. Final school report

All these must be submitted before the deadline so you do not miss your chances to obtain your required degree.

My Education Team.

I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to hit the comment box below. Thanks.

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