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Success Tips: How To Be Successful in Life

This article is published to help that person who feels "success is destined to only selected people"; to encourage everyone attain ultimate success in life both educational wise, business, career, relationship/love life, e.t.c.
Success Tips: How To Be Successful in Life

Lets know what "success" entails before hitting some points out.
The English man will define "Success" as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Everyone wants to make it in life; everyone wants to be known to be successful. Well, its actually easy to accomplish though a statement will have it as "many are called but few are chosen". 

This statement shouldn't serve as a discouragement in anyway at all because some love excuses more to performing what ought to be done. Before we continue, let me introduce to you some factors why some people get lazy and end up the wrong way in life.

  1. Fears
  2. Lack of Vision
  3. Inability to Take up Responsibilities/Inability to Take Challenges
  4. Disbelieving in oneself
  5. Inability to keep to time
  6. Lack of good planning
  7. Not Willing to Learn 
  8. Spending Recklessly
  9. Not Social Inclined
All of these constitute to people falling off the train of life's success.

Now, I'm going to explain how to overcome all these factors to keep the train moving. 

Fears: Fear has left almost all gifted people un successful in life. It is caused first when you disbelieve in yourself. Overcoming fears has to be done carefully because fear is a very delicate factor not to joke with.

A piece of an online research shows how to overcome fear and I want to share with you.
  • Accepting the anxiety and trying not to fight it.
  • Watch the anxiety. Just watch it and when you notice it, scale your level of fear and start to breathe longer on the out-breath.
  • Stands for "Act normally".
  • Repeat the above steps in your mind if necessary and;
  • Expect the best.
With the above, fear can be overcomed permanently.

Lack of Vision: Vision is the forward of every successful person. To be successful, you have to have that vision to help you attain that great dream. Vision in its own is a gift.

Inability to Take up Responsibilities: Most people end up running from their responsibilities. Having the courage to take up your challenges is seen as a very difficult aspect to lazy people.

Laziness should be not just something one run away from but should be treated at its early stage. P.S. Fear also contributes to this factor too.

Disbelieving in oneself: I had a girlfriend who always tell me in our quite time that, "Baby, I envy you and other of my friends so much when you guys do amazing things. Deep within me, I feel I'm not even fit to be with you. I feel I cannot do it". Huh? those are discouraging words already, and in this situation, I try to bring her close and tell her to brace up. Nobody was born perfect.

Believe you can achieve that big thing you think the world is running from. Yes!! you can do it. Stand up today and do something amazing.

Inability to keep to time: My father will always remind me that "Time is Money". I have come to discover that time is even more to that though I comprehend very well to where he was driving my attention to.

Keeping to time is more than having billion of golds in stock. Time tells who you are, What you will be and when you will become. Take time serious.

Lack of good planning: Huh.... This reminds me of To-do-list. Yes, any good planner achieves great in return. What has been planned already will surely be attained if carefully planned.

Prepare a menu and get a to-do-list to aid you in this part.

Not Willing to Learn: We learn each day of our lives, being ready to learn at any point in time will boost your experience thereby aiding your thinking faculty to even sprout higher faster. Dont argue much on somethings you know its not true or you never knew before. Always be ready to learn.

Spending Recklessly: Some lazy persons are very good at spending all they've got. Some say "Life's short". Well, life got more to do so I dont even believe in the long or short nature of life.

In this case, I better refer you to section 6 of this article (planning).

Not Social Inclined: Well, some may argue on this but I bet you, being social inclined will really help. A social person knows the when, where, how, what, whom, and the which aspect of life. Peer groups can also make a great impact but note, only good peer groups.

Your life is your destiny, start today to bring out the best in you and strive more to acquire knowledge the right way.

I've said all for now, hit the comment box to share your thoughts on this.
I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to hit the comment box below. Thanks.

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