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"CULTISM" and Its Promise of Protection to Nigerian Students, Causes and Prevention

Cultism! Cultism!! Cultism!!!
This is all we hear when ever we make intention of studying in any of the high institution in the country.
Now comes these questions:
  • What is cultism
  • What are cause of cultism
  • What are the effects
  • How can it be prevented
Eager to know the answers to the questions to the above, lets start with the definition of the subject matter.

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Cultism can be defined as a secret association devoted to the believe and practise of a wicked and false doctrine.
I call it wicked because all that can ever be seen in the life of a cultist is a beast with no emotions and conscience, one who can go any lent to get quick result even to the extent of taking someones life. The funny part of it is that most times the true intentions of the Cult Leaders are UNKNOWN to the members who live under the delusion of being PROTECTED and CATERED FOR.

Sometimes i wonder what drives some student into joining CULT. could the following reasons be responsible?
  • Protection: When ever a student decides to join any secret cult, the primary reason may be to get "PROTECTION" from the group due to harrasment and intimidation from lecturers, students and even from other cult groups.  
  • Wrong orientation: Some fine themselves in cult as a result of wrong orientation .
  •  Academic failure: Depression of failure in school can cause a student into joining cult, especially when such student is always mocked by parents or friend whenever he/she fails instead of being encouraged. Now such student joins cult in order to intimidate and harrass lecturers to pass him/her.
  • Poor family background: this can also be said to be quest for wealth. Some students join cult for financial freedom to live a luxery life
  • Influence of peer groups: This is where the adage "Bad Company Currupt good Manners" is proven. Some student join cult due to influence from friends and peer groups.
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Other Causes include:
  • Desire for Fame and power
  • Freedom from home  
  • Desire for vengeance
  • Poor study habit 
  • Low Self-esteem

Effects of Cultism to Students and Society: 
 Some  of  the effects of cultism to Students and the Society at large are:
  • Destruction of Lives and Property
  • Poor performance in Academics
  • Examination Malpractice
  • Drop out of School in the case of students
  • Persons involve in cult most time end up being jailed or imprisoned.
  • Loss of Freedom  and self-esteem
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Preventive Measures to Cultism
  •  Proper orientation should be done from the Grassroot level.
  • Students should be encouraged to join religious groups to boost or enhance thier spiritual life.
  • Workshops should be ikntroduced into the school curriculum in order to occupy the students or keep them busy.
  • Institutions and Government should enforce laws on every organ of the educational sector and necessary purnishment should be melted on defaulters.
The adage "Look before you Leap" and "All that Glitters is not Gold" should be applied here! We should pay deaf ear to wrong advice (my next post will be on "how to detect wrong advice") and their promise of protection which last only for a while but brings reproach and shame to such student, family and the nation at last.

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I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to hit the comment box below. Thanks.

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