Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How to be successful in Jamb 2017 exams

The 2017 Jamb exams did not start as it was in previous years. Unlike the 2015/2016 Jamb registrations, the registration of candidates normally commence by October - November down to December thereabout. It has been noticed that the 2017 Jamb registrations has taken a different face altogether.

Being successful in any exam is a cheap thing but some people still finds it as one of the most difficult aspect of schooling. We will cover "How to be successful in writing the 2017 Jamb Examinations" with warm smile of achievement.

Below are steps to take as preparation goes on. Follow this instructions listed below to get yourself that awesome reward of a distinction score in Jamb.

Steps to becoming successful in Jamb 2017 exams

1. Create a three zone.
Study zone, Relaxation zone and Sleeping zone. All of these are very important to take note of.

2. Create Personal Revision Time Table
Before you attain any good thing, you must have made preparation and planned well. Get a personal time table to manage your three zone times.

3. Prepare a "To-Do-List"
Note, this section does not permit you to stress yourself to the core. Make a tangible to-do-list at least 6 items a day to enable you have time to memorize and do other chores.

4. Go for Vacation.
This might be a controversial part but its one of the necessary aspect of preparations. Vacations are necessary to ease the brain and recalculate well.

5. Sleep
After downloading every useful part of that book and finishing up what-to-do, it is highly advised to take a regular sleeping routine.

I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to hit the comment box below. Thanks.

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  1. I thought of this quite alright though I was unable to do the second Instruction because I was lazy.

    Well, Thanks so much for this update.

  2. For me the most help creating a zones to study and study plan :)

  3. My guy weldone oooooo.Keep up the good work

  4. Nice work Boss.Keep up the good work

  5. Those tips are really ensure if one is serious about passing any exam.

    1. Oh Yes, You're right Saidat. Thanks for Stopping by...


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